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Emma Barone

Geometric Illustrations

Geometric Landscapes & Cityscapes 


Irish artist Emma Barone reinvents scenes as otherworldly landscapes made of colourful geometric shapes inspired by nature’s incredible beauty. Her vivid use of colours, contrasts and shapes make scenes look broken, yet perfectly put together, like a mosaic. 

Using a bold colour palette, the artist’s abstract landscape compositions explore the contrast between hard and soft by highlighting the diverse shapes found in nature.

In her cityscapes, the effect of modern architecture is slightly softened and abstracted with texture and given a geometric effect with blocks of vibrant colour throughout. 

Barone uses double exposure and multiple layering techniques and processes to create both vibrant landscapes and cityscapes. Her geometric style continues to evolve throughout time. Naturally, this leads her to experiment with a lot of different settings and situations which widens the scope of her current work. 

These surreal scenes are expressive and unique with whimsical touches that draw the viewer in, encouraging the mind to imagine what an alternate and more vivid world could look like.

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